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               Welcome to the official website of True Light Ministries ®


All praise and honor be unto the LORD Jesus Christ, who is the only begotten Son of the One, True, and only Living God. He is the True Light "whom God hath sent" into this Dark and dying world to show us the Way to Heaven─ever other way is false!

Jesus has given me a Testimony that I freely offer to those who will request a copy; and I sincerely hope my books will be a blessing to all who receive them! I pray that my work will bring honor and glory to God, and it is just as my motto states:

May the LORD God Almighty be beloved

in the eyes of others because of our Publications!


"The night may be dark,

but your words are like a candle lightning the Darkness.

 May you be granted to be a witness of the Peace of Jerusalem."

A message I received from an Israelite woman

from the Holy City of Jerusalem on

4 June 2006 / 9 Sivan 5766.

May it be so!



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